Loretta Puncer

Texture is the driving force behind artist Loretta Puncer’s current style of work. Contemporary in nature, the abstract paintings use mixed media materials to establish a three-dimensional surface on which to create a finished product. Also relevant to Loretta’s current portfolio is her interest in documenting the historic homes of Dayton Ohio’s Oregon District through ink and watercolor painting.

For many years, Loretta’s work consisted solely of realistic still life and landscapes painted in oil. As Loretta began her venture as an art gallery owner in 2008, she also began to experiment with abstract painting. This took her work in a new direction, one she has continued to develop and master with much positive feedback from patrons and art collectors alike.

Loretta’s interest in abstract art originated in large part because of her long study of realism. After years of study and practice, Loretta’s knowledge of composition and color theory has transitioned her into abstract art.

Loretta Puncer paintings

Her current technique begins by building texture on the surface of a canvas using a variety of materials, which include paper and fabric. After the texture is established translucent layers of paint are applied. Arriving at a finished product often entails 40 to 50 layers of paint.

Loretta’s first memorable encounter with art was in kindergarten. The excitement of a blank piece of paper posed endless creative possibilities for her. As a young artist, she dedicated many hours to learning from “how to” books. Later, she pursued formal art studies at the University of Dayton where she earned her BFA in Design.

Loretta Puncer was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. She has also lived in Cincinnati and Washington D.C., taking advantage of the abundance of art museums to further her studies in art. Loretta currently resides in Dayton, Ohio where she has raised her family for the past 25 years.

Since Loretta opened Gallery 510 Fine Art in 2008, she has attracted many private collectors and patrons both locally and from across the country.

To learn more about Loretta’s latest works, check out Loretta’s blog.